Riverscape Inundation Mapper (RIM) tool



RIM was part of graduate research supported by the Utah Public Lands Initiative, U.S. Forest Service (Grant Number: 19-CS-11046000-026), Bureau of Land Management (Grant Number: L20AC00514), and Utah State University Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Anabranch Solutions paid for curation of business logic and symbology for RV integration.

Special thanks to Carl Saunders (USFS) and Alden Shalcross (BLM) for their continued support of the RIM effort.

RIM Development Team

RIM was primarily developed by Karen Barelt as part of her Masters Thesis int the ETAL Lab, with guidance from Joe Wheaton and Philip Bailey. Karen now works for the USGS. For a complete list of developers and their contributions, see the RIM Github repository. Chalese Hafen was critical in helping with curation of the RIM project types and Jordan Gilbert helped get the releases packaged up. Thanks to Matt Reimer and Jordan Gilbert for getting the RIM projects into the warehouse.