Riverscape Inundation Mapper (RIM) tool

Step 2 Project Builder

Project Builder

The next step is to run the Project Builder script. This script is designed to take the inputs and organize them into a consistent project folder structure. This script will create empty shapefiles to map context features and your first Data Capture Event (DCE)



  • project_path - The path to a folder where you want the project folder structure to be created
  • srs_template - The path to a shapefile that contains the desired coordinate system and projection for your project shapefiles
  • image_path - The path to an image raster of the site
  • DEM_path - The path to the input DEM
  • hs_path - The path to a hillshade
  • BRAT_path - The path to a BRAT output shapefile
  • VBET_path - The path to a VBET output shapefile


Site or project parameters

  • site_name The name of the project
  • huc - the 8 digit Hydrologic Unit Code